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wretched sketchez


Submission from Bianca

Pen, Prismacolor markers, and colored pencil on toned paper

Reddit gets drawn submission. Pen and colored pencil

Trying to get back into the swing of things so I gave sketch daily a go. Todays challenge was taking inspiration from a random wikipedia page. I got Julia Migenes, the opera singer and listened to her Habanera as I worked. I wish I had time to add some color, maybe next challenge

Close ups of my favorites #dickmural

New York memories

New York memories

New York memories

#subwaysketches and #parksketches (at Carroll Park)



Acrylic on canvas


Just a friendly reminder that my submission box is open for portrait requests. I’m in a bit of an artistic rut right now and I need some practice and inspiration! Even if I’ve already drawn you—fuck it! Send me another!

Here’s my submission box! Get at me

(I’ll choose the style and medium unless you specify one, please send something high res and not fuzzy or obscured. This is totally free howeverIF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR PORTRAIT FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES: let me know and we’ll decide on an affordable price point. I accept paypal. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY ARTWORK FOR YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. )

Subway sketches. 

Trying to get in as many as I can before my big move next month

Subway sketches


Markers, colored pencil, pen

Luke of Slander inspired by a the work of Michelle Gemma at idyllsof

Acrylic on canvas