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wretched sketchez


Thaaaaat’s Hannie!

Submission from Bianca

Pen, Prismacolor markers, and colored pencil on toned paper

Reddit gets drawn submission. Pen and colored pencil

New York memories

New York memories

New York memories

#subwaysketches and #parksketches (at Carroll Park)



Acrylic on canvas

Subway sketches. 

Trying to get in as many as I can before my big move next month

Subway sketches


Markers, colored pencil, pen

Luke of Slander inspired by a the work of Michelle Gemma at idyllsof

Acrylic on canvas



Painting for one of my favorite artists on tumblr, elizabum

"We don’t tell the mountains or the trees or the rivers to be any different than what they are. We don’t like them more if they’re longer, or wider, or smaller, or deeper. We love them because they just are what they are. Why can’t we say the same to our bodies? Why is my existence questioned solely based on the size of my body? Why am I not perfect just the way I am? We must all ask ourselves why and understand that it’s not us that isn’t perfect but solely these ideas of ‘perfection’ that aren’t. We are all beautiful creations and I hope you can remember that the next time you look in the mirror.”